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On 2nd day of March, 2006, Gartrand Company limited was legally registered under the Company’s Code 1963, Act 179 by the chief executive officer and founder, Mr. Betrand Gard Brown. As a young and energetic entrepreneur by then, he was a sole proprietor and the only worker, using his intellectual knowledge and skills in the fields of Hospitality Management and Retail Trade, he strived to create links, build and manage the company up to date.

He has business partners in all the continents of the world. He has travelled wide. Through his travels he has promoted the company and form many strong alliances with great business prospects. Gartrand Company limited looks forward to opening its wings widely further across the world through business and humanitarian activities

Gartrand Company limited has business partners worldwide, Sister company in the United States, EQUIPTER CO. LTD.

Humanitarian activities with Mission International (Trinidad), in Trinidad and Tobago and serving with Gospel Express (USA) in Cape Coast.

Subsidiary company:  Gartrand Football Club (third division)


To provide timely, cost effective, innovative, solutions for clients and harness the synergy in forming lasting relationship for future growth.


To build effective and profitable long term relations with all.


• Import and export
• Recruitment services
• Tour operations
• Football management
• General goods trading
• Estate development

• Imports and Exports
Import beverages from Estonia and general products from Turkey and Thailand respectively.
• Recruitment Services
Providing secure and highly remunerated jobs for our clients. We ensure without any doubts that job conditions are very safe and authentic thereby assuring our clients safety and better remunerations.
• Tour Operations
Uniquely designed packages to suit all essential travel needs of individuals’ and groups. Assisting in making both business and casual travels easy and flexible. We create the links and platforms for business as well as making travels worth the cost by exposing one to diverse cultures, explorations, relaxation and fun. Marketing companies as well as in exhibitions and conferences.
• Football Management
Organize and assist football clubs to go on football tours, market individual footballers internationally. Managing young hardworking and talented footballers and linking them internationally. Has a football club as its own subsidiary company that seeks for the wellbeing of its players, take its players on football tour outside Ghana, shape and polish the talents of its players to suit international standards.
• General Goods Trading
Assist in marketing and trading all kinds of goods
• Estates Development
We partner with Chase Edge Construction Company to undertake construction projects.
Current Activities of Gartrand Company Limited
• Gartrand football club
• Assisting football clubs on football tours
• Marketing footballers internationally
• Job placement locally and internationally
• Trade exhibition
 Holiday Spa Expo, January 2017 in Bulgaria
 ACC Trade Show, October 2017, in Accra
 China Trade Week, 2017
• Export of local goods
• Import of non-alcoholic beer, alcoholic cocktails and ciders
• Domestic and international tours
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