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Bergamot & Meyer is the flora branch of Sam Bogenfels Holdings. Our farms and supply chain are certified by Control Union. Extraction of essential oils from citrus fruits (lime, Orange and lemon), wholesale of the fruits and export of its dried peels are the focal areas handled by this sub company. Our privately owned citrus plantations (lemon, orange and lime) equip us with the capacity to offer competitive prices with good lead times to the international and local markets. Current focus of the business though is the export of Orange and Lemon peels. Our citrus farms are cultivated and maintained organically by experienced village farmers and are free from chemicals/residues. Only natural methods of harvesting, collection, extraction, peeling and sun drying as applicable are employed in our production and supply chain cycle. Our clientele ranges from Tea manufacturers, pharmaceutical to food &beverages, alcohol, perfume, herbal and supermarket companies in Europe and America, etc. We are proud to help empower the locals by giving them employment and offer them a platform to engage their skills.


Delivering organic citrus fruits and peels to the local and international market


To be the leader in the West African region for the export of citrus peels to the international market and lead the sustainable processing of it’s bi-product like the flowers, pulp.


-Head office in Tema, Ghana and farms located in the Central region.

-A branch/Liaison office in Amberg, Germany


Citrus fruits (Orange, lemon, lime)
Dried Orange Peels, Dried lemon Peels, Dried lime Peels
Essential oils from Citrus fruits (Orange, lemon, lime)
Postal Address
P.O Box Co 2703, Tema. Ghana


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