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Bio Tropical Products Company Limited Ghana was established in 1984 as an agricultural enterprise. It has established three hundred (300) acres of citrus, Fifty-Two (52) acres of cocoa plantations, and 30 acres of cultivated Voacanga farm with 200 acres from association of citrus small-holder famers in the Central region of Ghana. We are located at Nkwantanan in the Abura Asebu Kwamankese District in the Central Region of Ghana.

The company’s main activity is to semi process peels from sweet orange and lemon fruits for the export market. Other Products are Cocoa Liquor and Powder, Cocoa Pods (Regional), Voacanga seeds and Citrus Ethanol.

We are Organic EU and NOP certified Fair Trade and HACCP in progress.

Our Mission: is committed to produce high quality dry organic citrus peel products through excellence, innovation, and quality management. We are dedicated to process and deliver high quality dry organic citrus peel products to our clients, supporting our farmers and creating Sustainable jobs of benefit to our local community.

Our Vision: is to be focused and to be the leading Company in West Africa supplying sustainable quality organic dry citrus peels, whiles are waste (citrus pulp) are processed into Ethanol to use in Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Industries in Ghana, Africa and beyond.

Our Goals and Objectives: are To expand our processing line by building a new carbon zero net   factory and procuring new equipment to meet the quality standards so we can export the total of 360 000 dried peels quarterly.

Establishment of First Carbon Zero Net Emissions Certified factory in West Africa, Constituting 90% of Solar Thermal Energy and 10% Biomass Energy simulating 79.82kW

Develop a robust network of citrus raw materials suppliers, working with aggregators and others in the supply chains that are guaranteed sustainable business all year round to improve their income and livelihood.

The Organization

Bio- Tropical Products Company limited Ghana have 3 senior most management, 6 senior staff, 11 junior staff, 30 Contract workers and 59 organic certified small holder farmers. We have GIZ involvement for the past five years, IPD and other local Regulatory Partners.


Organic citrus
Organic citrus dried peels in different forms
Fresh Citrus (orange and lemon)
Organic dry quarter cut peels. Other products are
Tea cut peels
Ccandied peels
Powdered peels
Cocoa Liquor and Powder
Cocoa Pods
Citrus Ethanol
Voacanga seeds


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Opposite UNDP Offices, Ring Road East, OSU
Phone 2

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