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Bridge Logistics

Bridge Logistics was registered in July 2017. We provide shipping services, mining consulting and Customs brokerage, air freighting and clearing. Bridge Logistics has fully committed itself to succeed in the making this company a leader in its line of business in Ghana to further establish its reputation in the international market.
Bridge Logistics is a one-stop global logistics management company. It is a company that seeks to give one-stop solution to importers of both commercial and personal cargo.

Bridge is backed by wealth of experience in knowledge of the business handling for some years now. In addition, our qualified personnel are committed to ensuring that the company is able to offer a world class service to the satisfaction of the sophisticated clientele we serve.
We have earned our reputation in the clearing community as one of the most professional and efficient freight forwarding and Logistics Company. Our vision is to also venture into other fields of business most especially general trading in the near future. We have confidence that doing other business will enlarge our client base, thereby satisfying their needs.


Our strength over our competitors lies in our best form of communication between our able bodied staff, clients and systems. We communicate very well to our customers for them to understand our mode of operations, thereby entrusting in us their business. Communication is our strongest weapon for growing our business. Once you start delivering high quality services to customers, your clients will do the rest of the work by spreading good information about the kind of services the company offers. This has been our main source of advertisement: word of mouth marketing.


Our rates are very competitive in the market

They are negotiable based on cargo volume.

There are NO hidden charges on our rates. Our quotation ate details & self-explanatory.
Why choose us? Because we work with transparency, trust and empathy.

To become a worldwide connected freight handling company in order to bring freight handling and forwarding to the doorstep of client through cost-effectiveness, honesty and cutting edge technology.


To add value to air and sea transport innovation, effective and efficient service delivering and maximizing long term customer satisfaction.



We ensure that our services are delivered on time. Bridge Logistics is committed to its mission and vision.

Transparent Communication and Collaboration
When it comes to our customers, carriers, and business partners, Bridge believes in setting proper expectations of what we provide. We communicate openly to troubleshoot issues, allowing for the creation of sustainable solutions.

Continuous Process Improvement
Bridge Logistics applies lean practices to eliminate wastes within our organization to provide better service to our employees and our customers. This allows us to stay strong in all aspects of our business.

Advocate for Our Customers and Carriers
Our proactive approach to invoice consolidation and freight analysis reports not only allows us to always look out for our customers but also to understand that without our carriers, we wouldn’t have as strong of a business.

High performance begins where average ends. This is our maxim, which we stand up for every day. We do our best in every regard, have a great deal of knowledge and discipline.
These characteristics form the basis for the success of our company. Our employees are independent, dynamic and creative - we respect and encourage this.


Our success is not only based on hard facts, but also trust. Together, we strive in the same direction, help and value each other, and do our best - all of this creates trust. For our employees, customers and partners. Our employees have one thing in common in spite of their multifaceted positions: They can trust the skills and reliability of their colleagues and achieve targets together.


Chief Executive Officer

Procuring Manager


IT expert

Logistics Specialist



Shipping services

Gold Export

Mining consulting

Customs brokerage

Custom Freight


Freight Forwarding


Shipment advice

Cargo Handling
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Post Office KA 30615, KIA, Accra


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