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CHREMATIN AGRO CO. LTD is a Private Agriculture Estate Developer and Agro – processor and exporter. It is a member of GROUPE CHREMATIN was established under the laws of Ghana primarily to take advantage of the Government of Ghana policy of promoting agricultural businesses for food consumption locally with the surpluses for export and also the use to produce for industrialization under – Planting for Exports and Rural Development (PERD).



The Afram Plains was adopted for the above project in view of the spans of large arable land undeveloped with good soil and climatic conditions suitable for the grains development and vegetables farming all on commercial scale.

The vegetation is Guinea Savanna but more of the transitional zone of Ghana intercept with shrubs. The pH level of the soil is slightly acidic of 5.0 pH – 8.5 pH levels. Rainfall pattern is dual peak of April – July and minimum rains in August ascending to September – November of every year. The dry season is between Decembers – March.

The crops of the varieties of anarcadium like mangifera indica (mangoes) and anarcadium occidentale (cashew) in addition to coconut trees are very good crops to be grown within the Afram Agricultural Development Area (AADA). The area earmarked is provisionally over 500,000 acres of Guinea Savanna. The main purposes of the AADA is to promote commercial farming with the private means by local investors and foreign interest.

The commercial farming shall take advantage of modern agriculture and improved technology to make full utilization of the natural resources in the area for wealth creation and employment generation with the resultant effect in the improvement in the quality of lifestyle of the rural folks in the Ashanti Region and the Ghanaians generally.

The expected job creation out of the full development of the project in 10 years shall be 500,000 (direct labor) and 1.5 million (indirect labour). The value-chain shall bring 500,000 employment to the industry that will be used in the manufacturing, logistics, storage and marketing enterprises to support the Agricultural Value-Chain in the Area.

The Chrematin Agro Co., the Agric Estate Developer is targeting an investment of $4.5 Billion for the Agricultural Enclave Development, Infrastructure in the farm of roads, Electricity (renewable energy preferably -  ), Irrigation and water supply and others.

The special development zone and the industrial park to cover over 2500 acres of land within the Enclave shall utilize 2/3 of the investment funds of $4.5 Billion from the Agro processing agricultural machines.

The novel feature of the afram agricultural development project is the proposal for the construction of afram port on the river afram to transport the agricultural products at 1hr. 30min by water transport to the Akosombo port and conveyed to Tema shortening the time travels to 2hrs 30min from afram plains to Tema port.



To ease and increase the accessibility to land for encouraging private sector funds into commercial agricultural enterprise in Ghana which shall bring sustainable agricultural practices leading to high yields and productivity thereby accumulating into high returns on capital resulting into high profits.


It is the vision of the Chrematin Agro Co. being the premier agriculture estate Developer in Ghana to partner the Government and land holding entities in the realization of the goals of promoting sustainable Agric practices for ultimate food production and security generating higher returns for private sector investments in agriculture.


To promote the private sector investment in commercial and cash crops plantation under modern and sustainable agricultural practices to ensure high quality products and yielding higher productivity leading to value chain Agro processing  earning high returns on investments.


Intergrity – honesty – commitment to excellence – social responsility



CHAIRMAN / CEO -  Nana Odeneho Kyeremateng






Developing of CROP PLANTATIONS AND AGRO PROCESSING: 1). COCONUT PLANTATION The coconut products are both fresh and dry coconuts which constitute a raw material for the manufacturing of coconut oil and also serves as food for consumption. The dried coconut is referred to as copra which serves as a source of coconut oil, used for making fats for baking and confectionery products. It is also used in the chocolate industry to produce coconut products like, - moist white sweetened coconut, toasted coconut, creamed coconut and tenderised coconut. 2). MANGO PLANTATION Mangoes are most grown in tropical and sub-tropical areas of the world.The development of mangoes plantation with Afrakoma Mango Plantation as a nucleus farm was founded on the premise of an enclave becoming a large scale supplier of high quality mangoes and with the economies of large scale production the farms will bring faster growth and also attainment of high profit in the industry with the value-added processes. 3). CASHEW PLANTATION The growing / gestation period of hybrid cashew trees is three (3) years with economic fruit in 5years and produces an average of 0.4tons/per acre per year for 35years duration. The farming practices and management of cashew plantation is simple and easy to handle and effects of insects and pest diseases are at best negligible if not non-existent. 4). CITRUS PLANTATION Citrus which is abundant with vitamin C shall be one of the best crop plantations with the Covid-l9 pandemic and demand for vitamin C expected production is on the rage of 500,000 tons of citrus. The total cost of development of these enclaves shall be private capital funded. The most important economic products of cultivated citrus trees are their fruits. In agriculture, the fruits of oranges and grapefruits are commonly picked when they are ripe while those of lemons and limes are usually picked still unripened. The life span of citrus is 25years and average yield per acre is 5 tons and fruits at economic yield is the 4th year after plantation. The fruits are exportable at a $200.00 per ton.


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