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I-KLIK Solutions limited was formed in March, 2019 to address one of the major problems facing service providers and companies, providing solutions for their network and security today, with state-of-the art technology and flexible payment scheme.

As competition within the technology markets continues to flourish, pricing pressures push margins lower and lower. Ultimately, only those companies servicing at the peak of efficiency is surviving.

I-KLIK Solutions was formed by a team of experienced executives to design a line of products whose sole purpose is to provide servicing flexibility and cost efficiency by:

  • Providing reprogrammable solutions
  • Increasing servicing productivity
  • Enhancing accuracy

I-KLIK Solutions’ guiding corporate philosophy will encompass high quality, innovative products, unparalleled service and competitive prices. We are one of the best IT solution providers in the country you can think of.


  1. Michael Nsiah (CCNA, CCNP, CCIE written) – Director / Network Engineer
  2. Nancy Amoah (BBA, GSE, MBA) – Director / Business Administrative Analyst
  3. Akua Birago Ofosu (HND, ICA) – Accountant



Network and Security Solutions and Consultation (Routing, Switching, Security);

1. Network Solutions and Support
2. Network Connectivity, Consulting and Integration
3. Software Define Networking
4. Data Center Network and Inventory
5. Network design, implementation, troubleshoot and optimization
6. Network assessment and analysis
7. Database and Application development
8. Network Projects etc.
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