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Molders Group Ltd is a Ghanaian owned company that has steadily grown to become a market leader in the Design, Build, Real estate and Logistics industries. Our company is made up of a dedicated team of professionals whose expertise are in the areas of architecture, engineering and surveying. Due to the company's innovation and good customer-centered services, we have been able to grow and diversify. We can currently boast of four fully operational subsidiaries which offer excellent services;


We are a group of professionals inclined towards developing and implementing creative ways of building. Our objective is to employ creative architectural techniques across all fields of the human environment. The company is categorized into two main departments:

• The Design Team (Creative Studio)

• The Building Team


In a country slow to imbibing new green ways of building, we intend to gradually introduce and implement green or sustainable architecture to our clients. We aim to mold the environment to meet the future needs of humans.


We aim to operate throughout Africa and help improve the lives of most Africans through sustainable architecture. In a continent with diverse traditions, we intend to knit together various cultures to form a common identity while cooperating with locals to preserve the vernacular architecture of different regions.

We aim to create net-zero buildings by employing sustainable techniques throughout our activities in Africa, a continent vastly untouched with respect to pollution. Synergy and sustainability are integral to the company’s philosophy.


Design Services Build Services Engineering Services Remodeling / Retrofitting Services Interior Design Product Design Consultancy Services Research and Development
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No. 2 Nii Noi Kwame Street, Dzorwulu, Accra – Ghana.


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No. 2 Nii Noi Kwame Street, Dzorwulu, Accra – Ghana.

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