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Now Available Africa Ltd (NAA) is a full-service award winning Advertising  Agency which specializes in delivering communication  solutions for clients across Africa. The agency has been in  existence since 2013. We have offices in Accra, Nigeria and  Cote d’Ivoire. We are also linked to The Big Now advertising  agency in Italy, with offices in Milan and Rome.

Across the Central and Western African sub-region, we have  executed campaigns in English and French. In Ghana, we  have successfully executed campaigns in English, Twi, Ga and  Dagbani.

In Ghana, our staff strength of 27 people across our operations  are some of the most talented and experienced people, who have delivered some of the most effective campaigns  in the country. Our in-house capabilities include: Media and  Production, Strategy development, Creative Direction, Art  Direction, Copywriting, Account and Events Management,

Digital production, Web and Mobile development. Press the link  to view our show-reel

For all our campaigns, 360 including Digital and or Traditional,  we create market specific content, not just for the markets  listed above but for any of the other African countries our  client’s campaigns touch.

Some of our top clients are Good Business, GIZ, Nestle  CWAR, PZ Cussons, Unilever, International Organization for  Migration (IOM), Mazda Ghana and Renault Trucks, SlydePay and  Appolonia City. Among several others, we are recipients of the  2017, 2018 Platinum Awards for Digital Advertising in Ghana; 2 Media Innovation in CSR 2018  and 2019 Platinum award for CRS by the Advertising Association of  Ghana.

We have successfully executed a number of behavioral change  campaigns with organisations such as German Development  Cooperation (GIZ), The Commission of Human Rights and  Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) and as subcontractors of Good  Business, a UK based organisation who are grantees of the Bill  and Melinda Gates Foundation.

For all our clients, we develop a tailor-made quality  conformance plan in collaboration with the client to ensure  that all deliverables are met according to timelines, production  quality, quality of reporting.

Now Available Africa Ltd has been working closely with a lot  of the key media houses in the country. Our relationship with  them helps us bargain well to help our clients optimize their  budgets, while securing them the best available slots. We also  have direct links with Facebook, Google and Twitter.


Strategy development
Creative Direction
Art Direction
Copy writing
Media Management
Account Management
Events Management
Digital production
Web and Mobile development.


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Block C, Hse Nof180/5, Ndebaninge Sithole Road, North Labone
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