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Shielock Enterprise is registered with the Registration of Business Names Act, 1962 (No.151) and certify that the following Business Name has been registered under the above-mentioned Act as No.BN597423019, viz, Certificate of Registration  and a member of Ghana Chamber of Commerce to engage in general merchant and supply of general goods, import and export trade.

Shielock Enterprise is a company which provides professional quality service on time and on budget by majorly supplying security and panel doors for all types of building. We fabricate to meet client specification while we bring in imports from worldwide recognized manufacturers to adequately deal with the specific needs of our cherished clients.


We exist and operate to provide our clients the needed finishing services for all types of building with the highly skilled professional team working together. This we achieve by using common sense and years of practical experience thereby putting smiles on the faces of our customers.


We aspire to increase our client base and market segment by extending more branches in and out of the borders of Ghana. This we can achieve by soliciting for extra funds from reliable institutions to aid and speed up our vision.

We have a dedicated team striving to bring growth to our community by helping to assist our clients’ make their dreams become a reality.


As a serious entity, we embrace all the values applicable to satisfy our customers however, we specially adapt our carved 3P’s which serve as our core values

  • PEOPLE: Our clients which serve as the reason of our existence are our people. We engage them before any purchase to give them quality advice and guide them professionally to make any purchase of their choice by their budget and taste. Human relation and optimum customer care are a constant practice at Shielock.
  • PRICE: Pricing is not an issue when it comes to our sales. We have pricing ranging from low, average and a little above average price. We practice flexible pricing hence making room for all level of customers with the same high level of care.
  • PROMPT SUPPLIES: We bring in quality and affordable products imported from worldwide recognized manufacturers to adequately deal with situations hence meeting the demands of our clients promptly. We practice in time delivery for all our customers to build trust and good relationship.


OUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES 1. SECURITY DOORS/STEEL DOOR • Residential Doors • Fireproof Doors • Bulletproof Doors 2. INTERNAL DOORS • Steel and wood finished doors • Wooden Doors 3. ALUMINIUM/GLAZING • Aluminum Windows • Aluminum Hinge Doors/Sliding Doors • Mosquito Door Net 4. WELDERS COMPANIONS • Metal Products • Local Balustrades • Metal Gates • Metal Fences • Metal Burglarproof • Metal Garden Chairs and many more Local Gates • Local Balustrades and Fences etc. 5. AIR CONDITIONERS 6. KITCHEN CABINETS
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