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Takhilla Farms Estate Nuts & Seed Oil Ltd is an indigenous agro-processing shea butter company based in Gwollu with Regional Office in Wa, all in the Upper West region of Ghana. The company was incorporated in 2005.

The company was originally trading in shea nuts in the Upper West region but broadened its focus by moving into processing of the shea butter under contract with women’s groups for sale to other buyers and exporters.


•To set up new oil refinery to produce immediately organic vegetable oils and fats from ground nuts, cotton seeds, soya beans and organic shea nuts oils and to sell them to industrialists in Ghana, ECOWAS region and to Africa and to supply international markets in Europe, Asia and America with first rated shea butter oils for cosmetics (soaps, perfumes, hair conditioner and lips sticks, etc), pharmaceutical (massage products and skin smoother, etc), food industry (bakery, chocolate ingredients….); and first grade vegetable cooking oil.

•With the help of the agro-and soil experts named in the personnel section of our Business plan, who have all the expertise and knowledge to see to the successful take off of the project.


Raw Shea-nuts Edible Cooking Oil
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Post Office Box 01 Gwollu – Sissala West District, U.W.R

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